When: NSW Time, AEST Where: Online from the convenience of your PC Requirements: Access to a PC and a telephone Find out what CAT4 and Topbar are and how they can benefit you and your practice. Features: CAT4 and Topbar


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CAT Plus Prompts – Topbar/CAT4

This webinar is all about communication between the practice team using CAT4 and Topbar. CAT Plus prompts allow users to create custom notifications shown at the point of care based on the extensive filtering and reporting capabilities of CAT4. This can be used to alert clinicians about missing pathology checks as well as cancer screening and many other patient care items.

Learning Focus:
• Participants will be able to create prompts in CAT4 based on a variety of filters and report selections
• Participants will be able to configure and to respond to CAT Plus prompts in Topbar
• Participants will be able to report on CAT Plus prompt utilisation using CAT4 reports

Wednesday 12th December 1pm to 1:30pm AEDT Register here

Understanding Cross Tabulation – CAT4 Webinar

Description Overview:
This webinar will demonstrate on how participants can use CAT 4 for cross tabulation. Cross Tabulation allows the combination of filters and multiple report tabs. This can be used to identify patients with specific results or to add more information to a report (number of visits).

Learning Focus:

• Participants will understand the value that cross tabulation reporting offers
• Participants will learn how to find patients who appear on more than one graph
• Participants will be taught a number of scenarios utilising cross tabulation such as
o Adding Provider Details to a Report
o Finding patients at risk of chronic disease
o Find patients eligible for GPMP/TCA -
o Identify outstanding Diabetes Cycle of Care Items

9th January 2019 1pm to 1:30pm AEDT Register here

Cancer Screening – CAT4 Webinar

The focus of this webinar is on identifying and managing under-screened population with bowel, cervical and breast cancer. Using CAT4 to identify an under-screened population; using recall CAT for patient needs-specific communication; and interact with GPs during the consultation, with unobtrusive, automated prompts in Topbar.

Learning Outcomes
• Appropriate recording of cancer screening using the documentation on data mapping
• Identify under-screened population and patient at risk
• Identify eligible patients never screened for breast and bowel cancer
• Recall patients not up-to-date with their cervical screening status using Recall CAT and CAT Plus Prompts
• Support GPs during the consultation, with unobtrusive, automated prompts in Topbar

23rd January 2019 1pm to 1:30pm AEDT Register here

How to Join

To join the webinar please use the link below on the day you want to participate. We will be opening the session about 5 minutes before the official starting and recommend that you log in early to avoid disappointment as places are limited. The sessions will start at the specified time.

For Audio

You can use your computer’s microphone and speakers or use the dial in number provided in the webinar.