About Us

Established in 1993, PenCS is Australia’s leading provider of health analytics software for national population health analysis and reporting, in primary care.

PenCS has a monthly audience of 15 million patients, 7,900 doctors and 5,600 general practices and health services across Australia.

Our products are employed in Population Health, Communication Services to Doctors and Patients, Clinical Trials, SMS Text and Voice Recall, General Practice and Doctor Decision Support, Epidemiology, Primary Care Research and Digital Health Data solutions.

We work with Primary Healthcare Networks (PHNs), ACCHOs and peak indigenous health bodies, Aboriginal Medical Services, research institutes and private, government and not-for-profit organisations.

PenCS puts the patient at the heart of our services, which enables our clients to leverage data insights and health informatics software to:

  • Access clinical data to improve patient outcomes
  • Evaluate and monitor health programs
  • Access eligible patients for clinical trials
  • Direct clinically appropriate intervention at point of care
  • Communicate directly to doctors
  • Provide decision support for doctors
  • Engage patients
  • Execute targeted health education campaigns