COVID-19 for PHNs

This page provides you with resources to assist with your management of COVID-19:

  • Find high risk patients
  • Find high impact areas to inform planning for Respiratory Assessment Clinics
  • COVID-19 Disease Tracker
  • Telehealth with CareMonitor Topbar App
  • Remote patient monitoring with CareMonitor Topbar App
  • Resource and workforce planning
  • Notifications for healthcare providers
  • SMS text for patient triage, advice and guidance

This page will be frequently updated as more resources become available.

CAT Plus – Find High Risk Patients

General Practice: CAT4 and COVID-19


Or access these recipes online:

Consumer Outreach Messaging

Training Videos and Webinars

CAT4 and COVID-19


CAT Plus and Mental Health during COVID-19

Topbar CareMonitor Telehealth App

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Find High Risk Patients 

Consumer Outreach Messaging

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Upcoming COVID-19 Webinars

CAT Plus and COVID-19 – Thursday 30th April, 1-1:30pm AEST

Topbar CareMonitor Telehealth App – Thursday, 7th May, 1-1:30pm AEST

Chronic Disease Management during COVID-19 with CareMonitor – Tuesday, 12th May, 1-1:30pm AEST

Remote Patient Monitoring with CareMonitor – Thursday, 14th May, 1-1:30pm AEST

Triaging Patients at COVID-19 Risk – Thursday, 28th May, 1-1:30pm AEST