Pen CS launches Consumer Outreach Messaging

Send high risk patients targeted messaging matched to health conditions

Messaging matched to Clinical and Demographic Data

Pen CS launches COVID-19 response including Consumer Outreach Messaging, COVID-19 General Practice Report, COVID-19 PHN Report, with optional geocoding and real-time data visualisation Disease Tracker showing COVID-19 presentations in General Practice Australia-wide.

Consumer Outreach Messaging

Pen CS reaches 22 million patients, Australia-wide, via General Practices and Aboriginal Medical Services. The challenge was to convert this eco system into a SMS text and voicemail messaging platform for sending targeted information to consumers.

Using this platform, organisations may inform Australians of quarantine updates, shutdown news, healthcare advice and guidance and supermarket shopping hours. The unique advantage of this platform is that it uses both clinical and demographic data to match messaging to individual needs, at scale. If a consumer is in the high risk health category for COVID-19 they may receive a tailored message, direct to their mobile, matched to their medical condition.

Search categories for list building include Ethnicity, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Age, Post Code, Medical Diagnosis and High Risk Patients amongst other items. Multi-language voice-recording available.

COVID-19 Disease Tracker

The COVID-19 Disease Tracker will be soon available on Topbar in more than 4,000 General Practices across Australia. The disease tracker shows real-time presentations of individuals presenting in the practice with diagnosed conditions including COVID-19, Asthma, COPD and Diabetes.

This is a unique view of de-identified COVID-19 positive patients across Australia – only the general practice may identify their patients.

Topbar COVID-19 App

Topbar’s COVID-19 App serves a curated view of COVID-19 resources including World Heat Map and links to informative, official organisations such as RACGP, Department of Health, WHO, State Governments and Primary Health Networks.

COVID-19/MBS Telehealth Updates: General Practice Report, PHN Report with geocoding

Pen CS is the market leader in providing patient-to-population management data analytics and quality improvement technology solutions in primary care.

This eco system which links Primary Health Networks, General Practices, Aboriginal Medical Services and patients, is now updated with COVID-19 coding, including Australian Government’s MBS telehealth items (coming soon), a General Practice COVID-19 Report (available now) and PHN COVID- 19 Disease Prevalence Report (available now) showing hot spots of positive presentations.

Business as Usual

Pen CS is business-as-usual, with all employees set up to work from home in order to practice social distancing and self-isolation, as required. Our AI phone system for Support and digital workflow has enabled this seamless transition to work from home. To stay connected with our community, we are practising community building via online video conferencing, team chat and strong digital communication channels.