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By seamlessly integrating clinical and financial data, Practice Cloud enhances practice efficiency.

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Why Practice Cloud

Transition from working in your practice to working on practice success.

Improve proactive care

Improve proactive care

Built-in, evidence-based Quality Improvement tools, e.g., Health Calendar, CDM Success, and award-winning Risk of Hospitalisation tool

Improve sustainability

Improve sustainability

Our Quality Improvement tools support you in using the MBS to improve clinical outcomes

Work smarter, together

Work smarter, together

Our Quality Improvement tools help you design more efficient workflows

Unlock Your Practice's Potential

Using our Quality Improvement tools, you may improve your clinical outcomes and sustainability.

Heart Health Check

Heart Health Check

$67,200 per year

CDM Success

CDM Success

$66,500 per year

Asthma COPD


$29,800 per year

Based on statistical population averages per 1 FTE GP and estimated gross MBS billings. Amounts per practice are subject to variance based on patient populations.

Practice Cloud Solutions



Easily identify gaps via built-in reports and dashboards, just a click away. Customise your reports free with drag and drop.


Practice Cloud's Quality Improvement tools instantly create patient recall lists for targeted care. Our Health Calendar helps you navigate monthly healthcare priorities.



Practice Cloud tells you how well you are doing. Track practice performance effortlessly. Use our Quality Improvement tools to support your CPD.

Popular Features

Risk of Hospitalisation Tool

  • Early identification of patients at risk. 
  • Enables preventative care. 
  • United Nations based World Summit Award winner.

MyMedicare Management

  • Accurately identify MyMedicare eligible patients. 
  • Oversee MyMedicare needs. 
  • Ensure compliance and maximise reimbursement. 

Automated Patient Recall Lists

  • Identify and manage eligible chronic condition patients. 
  • Drive positive health outcomes. 
  • Maximise practice revenue. 

Easy Reporting and Dashboards

User-friendly reporting tools that allow for quick generation of pre-designed reports and dashboards, customisation of reports through a drag-and-drop interface, and efficient identification of patient care gaps and recall lists.

  • Easily generate reports and dashboards from over 500 data items. 
  • Quick identification of care gaps. 
  • Customise reports using drag-and-drop interface. 

Nurse-Led Efficiency

  • Implement nurse-led initiatives. 
  • Double session rates. 
  • Save valuable practitioner time and resources. 

Cohort Management and Recall

  • Utilise Risk of Hospitalisation and CV (Cardiovascular) Event Risk tools. 
  • Easily identify and recall patients. 
  • Sort patients for recall efficiently. 

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