Ferret is a primary health & Community Health information system designed to support care delivery by multidisciplinary care teams. Underpinned by a decision support system Ferret is able to automatically schedule all preventative patient health care and adjust this “cradle to grave” plan as new information is added to the system. It understands the concepts of Health Surveillance, Disease management, Health Risks, Document Storage, Letter Writer and Medication management. Not only does Ferret understand what health work is required for each patient in its database, it also understands the privacy status of each piece of health information and the job roles that are entitled to provide this care. These concepts can be customised by each service to match their specific health practice and processes.

It also has the capability to record Service Referral, Occassion Of Service and Functional Assessment which can be use for Home And Community Care (HACC) reporting and Activity Based Funding (ABF) reporting.

Integrated with the patient database is a “data mining capability” that allows health program managers and administrators to detail the health status of the patient population or target patient groups within it. This presents information in work lists, in reports and in graphical format.

Ferret is now in use by State-based health services as an “enterprise solution”, that can administer multiple clinics, using the powerful Oracle database implementation of the system as well as a tool to assist population health management.