Technical Specifications

Operating System Requirements
Project Ferret runs under the following environments:

Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 Server
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
Server 2008

Server Configuration
This section describes typical server configurations to be used for the Project Ferret deployment. The number of Application Servers and Database Servers are dependent on the expected number of concurrent users.

Application Server
The application Servers will host the Project Ferret binaries. There should be enough room to install and upgrade the application and underlying supporting technologies eg

  • Project Ferret
  • Java
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Optional MIMS Library
  • Oracle Client Libraries
  • Microsoft Windows Updates (as required)
  • Optional Citrix Libraries

Minimum Requirement

Storage 2 x 80GB RAID 1 Configuration
OS Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
Other Windows Terminal Services or Citrix

Backup Configuration
The Backup System will need to be able to backup an Oracle 11gR2 / MS Access database whilst it remains online. Many Backup solutions provide optional agents for backing up online databases such as Oracle. It is recommended that we use such an agent.

Database Server
Database Space requirements are difficult to estimate as they will be determined by the type of utilisation. Many factors can influence the space requirements of a database server.

  • Number of Patient Records
  • Whether AUDITING is activated or not
  • Scanning and importing of documents
  • Number of environments (PROD, TEST, TRAINING)

The utilisation is monitored in the early stages to see what sort of growth we are experiencing.

Minimum Requirement

Storage 2 x 300GB SCSI
OS Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
Other Oracle 11gR2 / MS Access

Network Configuration
It is recommended that the connection between the Application Servers and the Database Servers be as fast and wide as possible to ensure that the network doesn’t impede on the performance of the application itself.

Switch 1GB Layer 2 or Fibre Channel
IPAddresses Static