Reducing hospital admissions and promoting prevention for patients with Asthma and COPD

Pen CS technology equips you with powerful tools to better manage COPD and Asthma patients, who are currently at risk due to hazardous air quality from bushfire smoke. Follow these simple steps to manage your patients:

For General Practice (using Clinical Audit Tool, CAT4):

  • Identify Asthma and COPD patients
  • Recall for Asthma and COPD high risk patients

$100 Voucher for Recall CAT – SMS and Voicemail

In support of Asthma and COPD prevention, Pen CS is offering you a $100 credit voucher for Recall CAT, the SMS and Voicemail solution in CAT4. 

Recall CAT enables you to send a SMS or Voicemail message, from your practice, directly to Asthma and COPD patients identified in CAT4. 

To redeem your voucher, please contact OR call 1800 762 993 with code: ASTHMA. 

Recall CAT User Guide

Asthma Questionnaire to assess your patient’s condition