Topbar clinical decision support calculates the patient’s absolute risk of heart attack or stroke, serving tailored management advice for the Doctor.


Stroke costs the Australian healthcare system $874 million annually.

Atrial fibrillation (AF) accounts for almost one-third of all strokes and affects at least 240,000 Australians, prevalence rising with age.

Pen CS worked with Heart Research Institute cardiologist Professor Ben Freedman OAM, Dr Nicole Lowres and the research team at the University of Sydney to find a way to cost effectively and efficiently screen for AF.

Stroke Prevention

The Approach

Screening with low cost Smartphone ECG machine.

General Practice staff were trained to identify patients conduct screenings, stratify their risk, record the results, and provide data for analysis.

Topbar Atrial Fibrillation App designed to:

  • Provide GPs with electronic decision support for the management of patients with AF
  • Provide patient information for presentation by the Doctor, during consultation

Patient Benefits

If 5% of the population are screened then 12 strokes per year may be prevented for 10 years.

If 75% of the population is screened then potentially 184 strokes per year for 10 years may be prevented.

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I think it’s fantastic. It helps us to concentrate for a moment on cardiovascular health (General Practitioner)

It gave you a chance to speak with the patient and ensure they understood… Patients were very eager, actually (Practice Nurse)

It’s the awareness you need to look for AF in the GP setting…an opportunistic check (General Practitioner)