Australian News Daily Bulletin features ‘Preventive healthcare in one health ecosystem – Pen CS and Western Sydney Partnership lead the way’.

Committed to building a healthier Australia and providing person-centred, value-based care through data-driven improvement in general practice, Pen CS, WentWest, the Western Sydney Primary Health Network and Western Sydney Local Health District (LHD) are collaborating to build one health system. The approach underway – progressive and a first in Australia – was highlighted in the first session of the Talking HealthTech Autumn Summit 2021.

“Australia is experiencing a syndemic in chronic disease as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Edweana Wenkart, Chief Executive, Pen CS. “Poor management of chronic disease costs more than $320 million a year and COVID-19 has caused people to stay away from the healthcare system during the last year, which may result in serious illness.

The Western Sydney partnerships addresses health prevention and better chronic disease management through a one health system approach. This health system, supported by the use of data, delivers transparency and accountability to deliver truly value-based care.

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