Practice Manager and Team Coordinator of Cairns West Medical Centre, Makiko Omae, shared her experience on how Topbar has benefited her practice by providing a quick and easy way to manage patient data. As a result, Topbar is a tool that helps general practice with accreditation and improves the quality of care.

Q. How do you use Topbar to assist with daily activities?

A. The most beneficial element of Topbar for our practice is that it helps to ensure patient data is up to date. For our upcoming accreditation, we need to demonstrate high quality patient data. Topbar assists us in staying up to date with this as we are notified if any information is missing. Every time a patient comes in, we can check that their demographics are updated and if not, our reception staff may update while they are in the waiting room.

Topbar makes it a quicker and easier process to update patient information, which not only assists in our accreditation but improves the quality of our patients’ care. Our main priority is to provide improved service to our patients and ensuring we have their updated information allows us to stay on top of their health.

Q. Are there any specific apps that you have found to be particularly beneficial to your practice?

A. The Data Cleansing App has definitely helped for demographic and clinical data. We quickly become aware of any missing patient data through the notifications, allowing us to follow it up immediately.

The Cairns HealthPathWays App is also beneficial. It allows us to quickly access the HealthPathWays website and its resources without logging in.

Q. How has Topbar assisted your practice in following RACGP guidelines for accreditation?

A. It is part of our accreditation to have up to date and high quality patient data. The Data Cleansing App ensures we know exactly what is going on with our patient data. Our team is notified when information is missing and can update it immediately. We can also easily demonstrate the high quality data to our PHN, as it provides an indication of our data development. The quality of our patient data is now really high, both demographically and clinically.

Q. Does Topbar assist in your practice following RACGP guidelines for preventive health?

A. Absolutely. It is great for quickly identifying patients that need a care plan or health assessment. It is important for us to stay on top of our patients’ health and the notifications support us in that. It is useful for our practice nurses in particular, as they can inform the doctors when a patient is eligible.

Q. Have you heard the announcement about the Medicare Benefits Schedule for a heart health check? Will it make a difference in how your practice participates in preventive health?

A. Absolutely. We have quite a large number of chronic disease patients, who need extensive health assessments and care plans completed. If Topbar can help us quickly identify eligible patients, we can implement a program in a much better way for the patient.

It will also help with our practice revenue. The higher levy will help cover costs and give better care to the patient. Because the levy is currently so little, it is not financially viable to participate in preventive health as it doesn’t cover our costs. This MBS item will help us implement a higher quality service to our patients.

Q. Any extra feedback?

A. Overall, our main priority is providing a high quality care to our patients and Topbar supports us in this. By notifying us when patient information is missing or if a patient is eligible for preventive risk assessments, we can provide a better service to our patients.