Topbar clinical decision support calculates the patient’s absolute risk of heart attack or stroke, serving tailored management advice for the Doctor.

Clinical decision support for primary care professionals

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one the biggest burdens on the Australian economy, killing one Australian every 12 minutes and with 43,477 deaths attributed to CVD in Australia in 2017.

The CVD Health Tracker facilitates early intervention in primary care by calculating a patient’s likelihood of developing heart disease.

Using patient data from the Practice, in two mouse clicks, HealthTracker calculates the patient’s absolute risk of heart attack or stroke and then automatically synthesises recommendations from all relevant guidelines to provide tailored management advice specific to the patient’s circumstances. A simple traffic light system is used to alert the practitioner to management recommendations.

Improved communication with patients and practice management

A graphical interface is also provided to explain to patients their cardiovascular risk. This allows the patient and health professional to assess current and projected risk and to perform ‘what if scenarios’ (eg the effects on future risk if the patient can stop smoking).

The CVD Health Tracker is currently being utilised by 70 general practices.