Shared care and real-time remote monitoring and management platform CareMonitor has launched a new Telehealth platform. CareMonitor has also partnered with population health software vendor Pen CS where the new telehealth application would be available to more than 4,000 practices in Topbar making it easy for existing Topbar users to access the functionality with one click.

CareMonitor CEO Deepak Biswal said “while our platform already has the ability to do video consultations in its core shared care management offering, it has now created a standalone telehealth solution that can be used by any health care provider. Our vision with this solution was to provide simple, fast, secure and affordable high-quality telehealth that is accessible to all. The platform has been specifically optimised for remote consultations, triaging and fever clinics.”

CareMonitor’s telehealth platform is simple and easy to use with no installations required by the healthcare provider. Patients don’t need to sign up or install anything to access the video calls from any device (mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop). It also offers enterprise grade security with all voice, video, and content encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. It complies with the Australian privacy principles and all the data is hosted locally. The system can select the best regions to host each meeting so as to provide an optimised meeting experience for all participants.

CareMonitor Co-Founder and Clinical Lead Dr. Kean-Seng Lim said “CareMonitor Telehealth Solutions is built around the needs of clinicians today, minimising the impact on workflow by automating instructions to patients through email and SMS, and avoiding the need for any extra software. Secure point to point video through the web browser simplifies the process at both ends.”

Advanced features include capability to choose specific screen resolutions based on the bandwidth of the users to optimise the picture quality. CareMonitor telehealth platform can be used for one-to-one consultations as well as one-to-many video consultations with up to 100 participants. Other functionality offered includes the ability to share both screen and files in real time with the patient. It also offers the option to do custom branding.

CareMonitor is offering a two-week free trial period to healthcare providers. There is no lock in or fixed monthly costs. After the trial period, users just pay as they go $0.50 per video consultation (including the cost of SMS).