CAT Plus is the most advanced, integrated and automated Data Sharing and Quality Improvement solution available to Australia’s primary healthcare sector. It is a combination of market-leading technologies that directly targets three primary care layers to improve patient health outcomes; the Patient (Topbar), the Practice (CAT4) and the Population (PAT). The CAT Plus solution provides decision support to healthcare providers at the point of engagement, submits general practice data for practice analysis and aggregates general practice data for service planning, reporting and population health needs. It is a complete solution designed around a patient-centred care model.

The CAT Plus training program includes on-site workshops, presentations, Quality Improvement Programs and online learning modules to assist delivery of Australia’s leading solution to health professionals across the country.

Clinical Audit Tool (CAT) Plus features:

  • Connects you across the patient journey
  • Data sharing to make informed decisions and improve care
  • Networked for National Surveillance and Epidemiology
  • PIP QI: drives Quality Improvement
  • Automated clinical decision support
  • Topbar Apps enhance functionality including care plans, integrated team-based care with Allied Health and telehealth
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Reports – for population health, general practice and medical practitioners
  • Geocoding can be used to produce heat maps via BI tools for data visualisation in epidemiology
  • Consent Management Platform for the practice and patient
  • Training and Support: extends a helping hand at all times