CAT Plus Prompts empowers the practice and the clinician to influence health outcomes at point of care.

By identifying groups of patients at risk or of interest in CAT4 (Clinical Audit Tool), a notification rule is created based on the practice needs.

When a patient who meets the notification rule presents, Topbar will recognise the open patient record in the clinical system. The notification informs the clinician of any follow up activities required and supporting data.

This ensures that the practice is in control of its own patient recall functions and local primary care priorities.

Prompts are created at the practice to enable communication between all staff members and to ensure that opportunistic care is given based on the patients’ needs.

Closing the loop on practice population health

A practice staff member using CAT4 to identify patients of risk or business opportunities for the practice can now directly communicate which patients are of interest to the clinician as those patients present. Due to the advanced mechanism of CAT Plus prompts even patients who are first seen after the prompt was created will trigger the prompt.

Prompts that reflect your Practice needs

Each practice is different and may be pursuing different chronic disease prevention and management programs – CAT Plus Prompts supports this focus as a wide variety of criteria can be used to create prompts

Understanding of clinical workflows

Notifications in the CAT Plus Prompts App remain available for the GP to review at any time during the consult so they can be addressed at the appropriate time in the practice consultation. In line with the Topbar general philosophy our prompts will never interrupt a consultation or cover the screen, they are only indicated through a discrete number but can be viewed in detail with a mouse click.

Define your target patient groups

Create notifications to be displayed in Topbar by defining particular patient cohorts in CAT4 and linking these to the patient records in the GP clinical desktop system.