We are proud to announce the latest release of CAT with a large number of new functions and reports. Please refer to the release notes available under the Help menu in CAT for full details.

With this release we are introducing a new function to ensure your user details are up to date and correct. If your current CAT account details are incomplete you will be prompted to correct the record. After updating and saving the correct details you will need to restart CAT.

Further new functions are:
  • Mediflex Integration for MD3 and BP – MBS Item numbers can now be extracted from Mediflex. This will allow practices using Mediflex for billing to utilise the billing data in CAT reports
  • After Hours Reporting is now provided as a separate module. Click ‘View > After Hours Reporting’ from the menu bar. The After Hours Reporting module contains:

The After Hours Reporting by ‘MBS Item’ and ‘Reason for Visit’ (previously under the Classic CAT Visits tab)

MBS > After Hours Claims graph

Visits > Visit Types graph
  • The Medications filter has a separate subtab for Antidiabetic medications. This include a breakdown of categories for Oral Hyperglycaemics and Injectable medications.

  • A ‘Risks Factors’ Filter has been added which allows practices to filter for patients with risk factors: Smoking, Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Pregnancy and Obesity. In addition it allows filtering for patients with condition  s that are associated with an increased risk of pneumococcal.

  • Adult and Adolescent immunisations have been revised through a project with the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC) and the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS). Please refer to the Quick Reference Guides for details:

CAT Adult Immunisations Quick Reference Guide v 3-12

CAT Adolescent Immunisations Quick Reference Guide v3-12

  • Ethnicity graph has been added.
  • Health Care Providers Report is available under the Indicators Sets tab. This can be submitted to the Improvement Foundation’s qiConnect portal for Healthcare Providers that need to submit their Medicare Provider details.
  • Cleansing CAT – A Report to identify patients with Diabetes Type 2 who are not being controlled on their current medications has been added. This is under tab ‘Medication Review > Diabetes with Elevated HbA1c > 8%’


This is a big release with lots of new and, we hope, useful additional tools and reports. Please keep the suggestions and requests coming, we will continue work on the CAT family to meet the information needs of our users.

As always, Happy Clinical Auditing!

Support is available directly to all CAT users – please contact our support team by phone or email and don’t forget to check out our new CAT user forum here