Keep your patients informed through the COVID-19 pandemic

Pen CS technology helps practices show your care through sending patients relevant COVID-19 advice and guidance that is matched to their condition.

For General Practice (using Clinical Audit Tool, CAT4):​

  • Identify high-risk COVID-19 patients​
  • Share COVID-19 patient information via SMS text/voicemail through Recall CAT​

This guide contains recipes on how you can identify those high-risk patients in your practice, through CAT4.

$20 Voucher for Recall CAT – SMS and Voicemail

To help you keep your patients informed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pen CS is offering you a $20 credit voucher* for Recall CAT, the SMS and Voicemail solution in CAT4.

Practices can receive the $20 Recall CAT voucher by contacting Pen CS Support OR call 1800 762 993 and using the code COVID.

Send your patients information about COVID-19 testing, quarantine, advice or other relevant news.

*While offer lasts. Terms and conditions Apply. For first time Recall CAT users only.