General Practice and AMS

Save time and money with data-driven improvement. Are you PIP QI ready?

Our aims:
– Increased provider satisfaction
– Better patient outcomes
– Improved population outcomes
– Sustainable cost

Topbar – clinical decision support
Topbar is designed to assist medical practitioners at the point of care, i.e. when they’re seeing a patient. Using both their own knowledge and Topbar, physicians can make more informed decisions based on data. Topbar serves:

– Knowledge and patient-specific information
– Information that is intelligently filtered or presented at appropriate times
– Topbar Apps add customised functionality to achieve more knowledgeable clinical advice for patient care
– Team-based, patient-centred health management platform with patient smartphone app and clinician dashboard including telehealth features
– PIP QI dashboard reports, with practice benchmarking

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Clinical Audit Tools – for Best Practice in High Performing Primary Care
CAT4 uses health analytics to inform General Practice about their own patient population and to better manage Quality Improvement (QI) and Preventive Health. CAT4 presents actionable insights that assist practice staff to target:

– Chronic Disease Management
– Data Quality and Accreditation
– Cancer Screening
– Immunisations
– Medication Reviews
– Sexual Health
– eHealth
– Preventative Health Initiatives
– Identify Eligible Patients for Health Programs/Projects
– Identify Patients at High Risk of Adverse Health Outcomes
– Business Modelling/General Practice Financial Opportunities
– National Reporting
– Registrar Reporting

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Data Sharing to Improve Care
General practice is moving towards working in collaborative operational units and are pioneers of sharing data to enable improvement. There’s huge potential to learn from one another and spread knowledge that can improve patient outcomes.

General Practices may elect to support population health analysis and reform, research programs and other opportunities by submitting de-identified patient record data. CAT4 provides automated data submission, scheduled conveniently for the General Practice. When a General Practice submits consented data to their Primary Health Network (PHN), the cost of purchasing CAT4 is covered by the PHN i.e. CAT4 is complimentary.

CAT4 is employed for Policy Reform, Research Studies, Quality Improvement and Preventive Health.

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