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COVID-19 Resources

About Topbar

Topbar Brochure

About CAT Plus

Improving Data Quality Booklet
CAT Plus health informatics software for quality improvement in General Practice and Aboriginal Medical Services

PIP QI Guides

PHN Portal PIP Eligible Data Set Submission
for General Practices without CAT4
PIP QI and CAT Plus Training Guide
PIP Eligible Data Set Submission
for General Practices


COVID-19: Find High Risk Patients
Stand Up To Cancer
How to use CAT Plus to better manage Cancer
Consent Management Portal Guide for Practices
Asthma and COPD Alert – Use CAT Plus to reduce hospital admissions and promote prevention for patients with Asthma and COPD

Data Governance

Topbar Data Governance Framework
Available on request.
Secure Healthcare Data Sharing Checklist
Pen CS Data Privacy
Privacy Poster

MyGPMPtool MGT App Data Governance
Available on request.

Foxo Data Governance
Available on request.
CAT4 De-Identified Data Dictionary

Training Videos

The videos below will help you to use our products and provide an overview of the functionality as well as details on a particular module or area of interest.

Quick Link: Topbar | CAT4 | CAT Plus | Tip of the Month


General quick overview of Topbar, our decision support tool.

Topbar user interface update May 2019. Some changes to the look and feel of Topbar are shown in this video.

All about Topbar (55 minutes). 


CAT4, our clinical audit tool, provides users at practices with the tools for cleaning data, understanding your patient population and measuring quality improvement. Due to large amount of reports and filters we have split the topics based on your experience level. Each video is around 50 minutes long:

CAT4 for Beginners. 

CAT4 for Intermediate Users. 

CAT4 for Advanced Users. 

CAT Plus

These videos shown below are showcasing the use of CAT Plus at the general practice for a specific purpose. CAT4 and Topbar work together in a number of ways and some of the videos will show how to combine both tools. 


Since its commencement on 1st August 2019, there have been many webinars and other information sessions run by Pen CS. Our CAT Plus tools support the quality improvement component of PIP QI and allow practices to plan their quality improvement activity as well as measure the outcome.

CAT Plus and PIP QI for new users. 

PIP QI Quality Improvement Measures, focusing on diabetes.

CAT Plus and PIP QI in general practice – an overview. 

CAT4 in depth functionality

CAT4 and chronic disease – checking the basics for your patients with chronic conditions. 

Cancer Screening.

Understanding Cross Tabulation – boost your CAT4 reporting with this advanced reporting functionality.

MBS Attendance Filter – use advanced filtering to identify patients of interest based on their MBS item history

Recall CAT – use CAT4 reports to create SMS or Voicemail reminders directly from CAT4.

CAT Plus Modules

Osteoporosis – Re-Evaluating Fracture Risk Assessment Management and Education (REFRAME) 

CAT Plus Prompts – use prompts to communicate between CAT4 and Topbar. Patients identified by the filter and reporting functionality of CAT4 can trigger a prompt when they visit your practice to ensure they receive the correct and timely care.

Quality Coding – how to improve your chronic disease registers by making sure all patients have a correctly coded diagnosis. 

Data Quality – Using CAT Plus to monitor and improve the data quality of your patient. 

Tip of the Month

Brief (2 minutes) videos on a specific topic – great to save you time or show a new functionality.


Reorder/customise your Topbar apps

Using Filters in Topbar – you can control your notifications!

Enter a MBS item that has been claimed elsewhere into Topbar.

CPD Doctorportal App – how to access your online learning portal


How to add a count of your patient visits to any report.

Saving filters to save time and provide consistent reporting. 

Display your search results with provider and last visit information. 

Find new patients.

Quick Start Guide

This page provides links to relevant videos and other resources to get you started. Pen CS provides free webinars and training videos. Our help site has a selection of step-by-step guides on specific topics.


Webinar schedule 

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We host our videos on Vimeo but here are some particularly relevant videos for new users:

The videos above are comprehensive and show general and specific functionality of CAT4 and Topbar.

If you are interested in a particular functionality and have a basic understanding of the tools, please view these videos:

A full list of all topics can be found here

Very short ‘tip of the month’ videos with an average duration of around two minutes: Tip of Month Videos

Recipes (Step-by-Step Guides)

To get hands on experience the recipes are a great starting point. The full list of recipes is accessible here: CAT Recipes

Here are some selected topics that will help you to get started:

User Guides

The CAT4 – New Users Guide provides an overview of and examples of quality improvement activities with CAT4.

Topbar has a brief user guide for each app – Topbar Apps in Detail

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