CAT 4 users can now send interactive COVID-19 and Flu Immunisation information packages to high risk patients through GoShare Plus.

Three separate COVID-19 information packages are available in 10 languages to provide crucial patient information about prevention, symptoms and diagnosis of COVID-19. The flu immunisation package available through GoShare Plus educates patients about flu risks and encourages immunisation.

Information is consumer reviewed and informed by Australian Department of Health and World Health Organisation guidelines as appropriate.

The multimedia information packages are sent to patients by SMS. Practice staff simply select and send the relevant “Information Package” to meet patient needs using CAT4. When available in multiple languages, the patient selects their preferred language on the first screen. COVID-19 packages are available in English, Arabic, Greek, Italian, Tagalog, Hindi, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Cantonese and Mandarin. The Flu Immunisation information package is currently available in English, with other languages to come.

Communicating directly with patients at high-risk of COVID-19 and Flu

Healthily and Pen CS have partnered to integrate the functionality of GoShare and CAT4, resulting in the recent launch of GoShare Plus. General Practices can filter their patient data to identify specific patient groups and send relevant COVID-19 and Flu Immunisation Information Packages by SMS to support prevention and self-management. Patient groupings could include:

  • COVID-19 – high risk patients, patients diagnosed with COVID-19, patients located in COVID-19 clusters and patients which chronic conditions.
  • Flu Immunisation – patients over 65 years or patients with chronic conditions.

Practice staff can also create content bundles for PIP QI activities and preventative health campaigns or access a range of GoShare Plus content bundles reviewed and approved by subject-matter experts. Current bundles available include:

  • cancer screening (bowel, breast and cervical)
  • shingles vaccination
  • home medicine reviews
  • 45-49 year health assessment
  • 75+ year health assessment

Some of the available bundles for CAT4 users include:

Additional campaign resources are currently being developed. GoShare is a customisable patient education platform which enables the efficient and measurable sharing of health resources tailored to patients’ information needs through text message (SMS) or email. GoShare Plus brings together the functionality of GoShare and CAT4 providing general practice with access to a range of credible preventative health packages in engaging multimedia formats. Developed by Healthily, GoShare supports general practice to improve the health literacy of their patients and empower them to play a more active role in their healthcare.

To find out more, contact Healthily on 1800 60 33 33 or email