We spoke to Practice Business Manager, Lisa Moyden and Practice Lead, Lauren Harris of Health Matters Karalee, active Topbar users to find out why they like Topbar. Topbar helps them stay on top of collecting patient data and find unclaimed MBS items, as well as being easy to use.

Who in your practice uses Topbar?

As a practice we are aiming to have Topbar open all the time on everyone’s desktop. When it is open, it is easy to use and provides a great reminder. It is used by our entire team, from our Front of House team to our clinical team. We have been able to easily incorporate it with our reporting card system on both a clinical aspect and an operational aspect, which has been really useful.

For our Front of House team, it acts as a mechanism to stay on top of everything. The automatic function to flag missing patient information provides a visual reminder, so it is easy to ensure we remain up to date on their data.

For our clinical team, it can help flag any responsibilities they have to the patient. It is great for keeping the doctors and nurses informed, and acts as a visual aid to stay on top of their obligations.

As Practice Managers, what do you like best about Topbar?

From an administrative point of view, it helps to stay on top of any patient data that we are missing. For example, if we are missing Next of Kin details from a patient, it is automatically flagged and we can easily see it needs to be updated, so we can ask the patient right there. This helps ensure that we can close any gaps in our patient data and keep our charts updated.

It has been particularly valuable for introducing and training new staff to our clinic. It makes the introduction process more seamless as they have a visual aid to keep them on top of collecting patient data. The training process has become more automated for us now as it is easy for our team to pick up and use.

What do your Doctors like best about Topbar?

Our Doctors appreciate how clear and concise Topbar is. It is a fantastic tool and once you take the time to learn how to use it, it becomes very simple. The reminders and prompts are useful, and the quality of the patient information is a big factor for them.

In particular, The MBS App has been great for our Doctors as it shows them what MBS item numbers they can claim. It can assist it telling them which items are relevant to their patient.

How has Topbar increased efficiencies in your practice?

Topbar has helped with streamlining our business. Each of our teams have their own function and responsibilities and Topbar has assisted in ensuring accountability. As everyone has their own specific job in the system, there is less discrepancies between the teams and no overlapping. For example, the Doctors know that the patients’ details are up to date so they don’t have to worry about it in their consults.

There are so many different facets of healthcare that we all have to stay on top of. Keeping ourselves and our practice updated has become easier through the clean and simple design of Topbar. For us, it is technically savvy without being overly complicated. The user-friendly design allows us to stay organised and updated.

Would you recommend Topbar to other practices? If so, why?

Without a doubt. Topbar is so easy to use and can be incorporated in so many areas of the practice. It protects both our patients and our practice by ensuring our information is up to date and we remain informed on the many areas of the healthcare system.