Supporting quality improvement and preventive health activities

Healthily and Pen CS have partnered to create GoShare Plus – a powerful new patient engagement tool to support quality improvement activities and preventative health campaigns.

This ‘next generation’ SMS reminder technology brings together Pen CS’ Clinical Audit Tool’S (CAT4) health analytics capability and GoShare Healthcare’s extensive content library and unique ‘content bundle’ delivery method to enable GP Practices to send credible and engaging health information to patients based on selected criteria.

Through GoShare Plus, Practice staff create a list of patients using CAT4 (based on local or national health promotion priorities). A content bundle relevant to the health topic is matched to the list of patients and sent via SMS.

Commenting on the launch of GoShare Plus, Healthily’s Managing Director Dr Tina Campbell said, “GoShare Plus will disrupt traditional approaches to patient engagement by supporting Practices to efficiently send a list of patients engaging evidence-based bundles of multimedia content. The targeted health promotion bundles include patient stories (videos), animations, apps and fact sheets. Importantly, the effectiveness of health promotion activities can be evaluated via the software. We are hearing from Practices currently trialing GoShare Plus that it has made it easier to run targeted campaigns that support their quality improvement activities, and they have confidence in knowing the content is prepared, reviewed and approved by subject matter experts from Australia’s leading peak bodies and health services.”

Education has the power to motivate change. So, sharing health education for patients in easy to view videos and fact sheets is the first step in empowering patients to better manage their health. Pen CS’ partnership with Healthily’s GoShare Plus is focused on actively engaging consumers in their healthcare journey,” added Pen CS Managing Director, Edweana Wenkart.

Practices around Australia are currently involved in GoShare Plus pilots and a research project that aims to increase participation in shingles vaccination, home medicines reviews and bowel cancer screening are also using the platform.

A growing library of campaign bundles, including shingles vaccination, cancer screening (bowel, breast and cervical cancer), home medicines reviews and health check reminders, is available to practices. Practice staff with access to the full GoShare patient education platform can easily create their own content bundles for patient education, PIP QI activities, or preventative health campaigns.

CAT4 is available free of charge to all practices in licensed Primary Health Network (PHN) catchment areas, including NSW, WA, QLD, ACT, NT, SA and some areas in VIC.

Through CAT4, GoShare Plus is currently available to Practices using Best Practice, Zedmed, Genie, MedTech, MediRecords, Communicare, MME, PCIS and others. For questions about availability, please contact Heathily.

To activate GoShare Plus, please call Healthily on 03 9534 7222 or email

A patient’s view of a GoShare Plus Bundle