The Road Ahead with CAT Plus

From 1st July 2015 Pen Computer Systems (PCS) will be making available its CAT Plus solution that will provide huge benefits to Patients and Practices in collaboration with Primary Health Networks (PHN). CAT Plus is designed to deliver improved patient outcomes through an automated, flexible and customisable platform. It includes all the tools that Practices love about CAT and now offers these tools through Topbar at the patient point of care and through PAT CAT for PHNs.

PCS commitment includes:

  • Improving patient health outcomes through software that is efficient and effective
  • Ensuring our end-users’ rights and data are protected and respected through transparent agreements
  • Ensuring government funding is appropriately used

PCS is fully compliant with the Privacy Act and all amendments. End users can be assured that data security is never compromised and the use of data is transparent and aligned with our end-users’ best interests.


PCS CAT Licensing Arrangements

PCS would like to inform end users and supporting organisations of the following:

  • The Clinical Audit Tool (CAT) will continue to be available for the purpose of extracting primary care data and will continue to provide the same graphs, charts and reports post June 30 2015.
  • We are fully committed and are investing significantly in the long-term development of CAT and our new version, CAT4, will be made available as part of CAT Plus.
  • The functionality to send data to the qiConnect Portal will be available in CAT until June 30 2015 and any upgrade will not affect this functionality contrary to any alternative advice.
  • PCS requests that all users continue to update CAT to ensure they have the latest available patches and information.
  • Selected end-users have installed a beta-version of our new CAT4 product which is due for release from 1st July 2015. CAT4 and CAT have been designed to work independently of one another.

PCS is extremely disappointed that incorrect information has been distributed by the Improvement Foundation (IF) and requests that any users with either technical or functionality issues call the PCS free support line on 1800 762 993.


PCS & IF Litigation Now Settled

PCS wishes to make the following statement to clarify the litigation proceedings between PCS & IF:

  • PCS has provided IF with free CAT licenses under a “good faith agreement” for a number of years to enable practices to participate in the APCC and/or OCHREStreams programs.
  • PCS has not received any income for CAT licensing from IF during this period.
  • PCS has incurred costs to support these licences which have increased in recent years.
  • In 2014 PCS asked to negotiate a new agreement with IF where PCS would be compensated for the support costs for these licenses and the “good faith agreement” was terminated.
  • The IF as a result commenced litigation against PCS to continue its access to free licences. This has now concluded with no contractual obligations to either party post 30th June 2015.
  • Further note that PCS has never entered a formal agreement with IF regarding the PHN Innovation Collaborative. Please disregard any material informing otherwise.

In addition, PCS has been alerted to publicly available information that the Improvement Foundation was awarded a contract in excess of $9million over approximately a 3 year period for “Online reporting tool development, operation, maintenance and support”. CAT plays an underlying role in exporting and sending data to IF for this reporting tool and it was disappointing to find that IF had not disclosed this information to PCS. The information regarding the tender is publicly available here:

PCS requested on numerous occasions to be informed of the details of this contract that related to CAT licensing however the IF refused to disclose this information. This lack of transparency was of great concern to PCS.


For More Information

PCS would like to acknowledge our clients and end-users incredible ongoing support. We are excited to be launching our most advanced solution in our company’s rich history and look forward to collaborating with you to create many more successes.

Our team is available to address any queries and/or concerns.

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