As of 2022, Diabetes has affected approximately 1.3 million Australians, or 5.3% of people. Diabetes was ranked as the seventh leading cause of death in Australia in 2022.

There are a number of MBS items that can be used to provide diabetes care in general practice. Both the Diabetes Annual Cycle of Care (including Diabetes SIP) and GMPA and TCA can be claimed for the same patient during one visit.

The PIP QI ten improvement measures (QIM) also include three diabetes related items.

The three diabetes QIM Improvement Measures are:

  • Proportion of patients with diabetes with a current HbA1c result
  • Proportion of patients with diabetes who were immunised against influenza
  • Proportion of patients with diabetes with a blood pressure result

CAT Plus and Diabetes

CAT Plus (CAT and Topbar) can assist practices to better manage their patients with diabetes through data-driven reporting and analysis.

Practices can use CAT to report on the diabetes QI Measures.

The MBS App in Topbar provides a full overview of the individual components of the Diabetes CoC MBS item and supports opportunistic care. The PIP QI Topbar App shows the status of each patient against the relevant QIMs.

Upcoming webinar: Improve health outcomes for patients with diabetes using CAT Plus.

  • Learn how to identify patients with pre-diabetes related measurements using CAT reports
  • Learn about available CAT reports and filter to identify patients at risk for diabetes
  • Learn how to identify patients with indicated diabetes without coded diagnosis recorded using CAT Plus
  • Identify where to access resources to maintain a good diabetes register using CAT Plus