Find suitable wait times and affordable specialists, at a convenient location for your patient.

Specialist doctors play a crucial role in the treatment and management of specific health conditions. The ABS recently reported that 55% of people saw a specialist doctor in 12 months, and of those people, 50% went two to four times and 23% went five or more times.

Patient Connector is increasing the efficiency of the GP’s referral process to specialists, as it avoids patients having to return for a second GP consultation because the original specialist they were referred to was not suitable. This occurs because you as GPs do not have access to upfront information such as specialists’ fees and waitlists. 

The Patient Connector App on Topbar allows private patients to access transparent information about specialists, including fees, locations and availability.

How Patient Connector works:

  • Make a submission on your patient’s behalf, or print a flyer and the referral for the patient to make a submission at home. The submission asks the type of specialist your patient is looking for their injury/condition, their medical history, and to upload their GP referral and any medical scans.
  • Patients will receive three to five responses via email from specialist doctors within 24 hours, which are tailored to their unique medical context. They will be able to compare specialists’ fees, waitlists and locations. Each specialist also has a profile which outlines their areas of advanced training, where and when they graduated, languages they speak etc.
  • Patients can then compare and select the right specialist for them, giving them more choice and control over their healthcare.

Patient Connector vets specialist doctors before they can be listed on the platform. All specialists are Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and have no hearings or findings or malpractice or negligence.

Once the patient has selected a specialist doctor, Patient Connector will inform you which specialist your patient selected and when the patient is booked in for consultation. You will receive a letter from the specialist doctor with an update of the patient’s treatment pathway, as you are still the referring GP.

Patient Connector is free for patients and GPs to use. It is also releasing a new feature end of September which will allow you to search for specialist doctors by the conditions they treat, the procedures they conduct and their locations.

The Patient Connector App is available now on Topbar.