Join Dr Kevin Cheng and Saxon Piggot, in an interview, with Pen CS’ CEO Edweana Wenkart over 26 mins of conversation, entitled ‘Talking Health Data’. The interview spans topics such as data sharing for general practice, population health management, how data can be used to improve patient outcomes and the future of health data.

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About Prevention Hacks Podcast 

Dr. Kevin Cheng is an Australian-trained GP with an interest in transforming lives through prevention. He founded a new model of healthcare, Osana, which focuses on preventative health and quality outcomes. He’s a strong believer in being proactive, not just reactive, to your health needs and risks over the long term. Each week Dr Kevin along with Co-host Saxon Piggott checks in with leading health experts to find out what we can do to avoid dying earlier, going to hospital, paying too much for healthcare, or living a stressful and unwell lifestyle – starting now.

About Dr Kevin Cheng 

Kevin is a GP on a mission to improve our health system and our communities. He trained at the University of WA, has a fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and a MBA from INSEAD in France. He has interests in lifestyle medicine, health system reform and data analytics in healthcare. Kevin has over 20 years experience as a doctor working in urban and rural areas in Australia, plus sabbaticals in Kenya, Hong Kong and England as a clinician and in health policy. He has developed new programs for Governments, health insurers, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. He is an industry expert in models of health care, population health management and chronic disease care. Kevin also worked for strategy consulting firms McKinsey & Company and Boston Consulting Group, leading business transformations in public sector and private industries such as retail banking, manufacturing,  mining, education and technology.

About Edweana Wenkart

Edweana is the Chief Executive of Pen CS, Australia’s market leader in providing patient-to-population health informatics in primary care. Pen CS works with 28 of 31 Primary Health Networks and more than 6,000 general practices and Aboriginal medical services. Pen CS technology solutions are used to drive data-driven quality improvement that support healthcare providers and deliver better patient outcomes.  Edweana is a member of the Australian Institute of Digital Health and Medical Software Industry Association.  She holds an MBA from AGSM and Bachelor of Arts from University of Sydney. Prior to her role at Pen CS, she founded and managed an award-winning public relations and marketing agency Tsuki for 13 years after a successful career in feature film production working on movies including The Matrix and Australia. Edweana is a Board Member of both Ocean Health Systems and CareMonitor.

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