The PCS Clinical Audit Tool™ (CAT) has been designed as an application to deliver a population health and chronic disease management perspective to patient data that resides in GP clinical desktop systems. All of the components associated with the operation of the system are installed locally on the GP practice system.
The only exception to this is licensing information which ensures that practice users are authorised to use the program. Each time the user logs into the PCS Clinical Audit Tool™ the system checks to see if there are any more recent versions of the program and whether the logged in user has a license to use the system. This is much like the automatic checking that Microsoft does to update the Windows environment on a desktop computer.
CAT provides facilities to create files in .PDF, .XML, and .XLS formats that a practice can use for internal purposes or for any purpose that the practice sees fit. The right to export data to any external databases, de-identified or otherwise, remains within the choice and management of authorised practice staff.

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