Pen CS and MMEx are pleased to announce that MMEx is now compatible with the Clinical Audit Tool (CAT). This is available through Pen CS’s new solution CAT Plus which incorporates CAT4 and PAT CAT (the Practice Aggregation Tool).

This compatibility will allow MMEx users to benefit from the suite of tools and reports that CAT4 provides to complement their clinical system:

  • Visual, easy to interpret patient data through the CAT4 interface
  • Improved Data Quality through Data Cleansing tools
  • Chronic Disease Register Management
  • Indigenous Quality Improvement Programs and Reports
  • Accreditation items reports
  • MBS item reports

Pen CS and MMEx would like to acknowledge the project funding provided by Queensland Health West Moreton Hospital and Health Service. Their project is an initiative to integrate primary and tertiary care for Chronic Renal Disease patients. MMEx in the primary care service integrates with CAT4 to provide patient register reports and allows relevant patients to be flagged. The data is securely sent to PAT CAT from multiple services to provide data that can be shown alongside hospital data for improved management of patients.

For more information please contact:

Pen CS

Christine Chidgey


Chris Pearson


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