Pen CS and Tonic Health Media have partnered to deliver targeted, vertically integrated, high impact health education and disease awareness programs.

The Digital Health Network delivers contextually relevant, clinically appropriate messages to patients and Doctors, through Topbar decision support tool, during consultation. All message content adheres to Tonic Health Media’s ethical guidelines and complies with The Privacy Act 1988 and subsequent amendments. The network reaches more than 4,600 general practices across Australia in urban, regional and rural areas.

Tonic CEO and MD Dr. Matthew Cullen says the agreement with Pen CS is the latest step they’ve taken to improve health outcomes for all Australians,

“With these new partnerships, we’re able to reach more Australians than ever before and engage consumers at all stages of the patient journey. From when they’re researching symptoms to sitting in the GP waiting room and now during their consultation with a GP, our audience will be engaged at a time when they’re making decisions about their health and wellbeing.”

“Providing the right information at the right time is pivotal to improving patient outcomes,” says Dr Thomas Wenkart. “Topbar meets this need by serving the automated notification while a presenting patient is in consultation with the Doctor. The value for General Practice is that there is no extra work for the Doctor and the notification offers decision support that may improve patient outcomes,” continues Dr Wenkart.

The Digital Health Network is an addition to Tonic’s out of home health and wellbeing network which is already successfully established in more than 4,500 General Practices, Pharmacy and Hospital waiting areas with a monthly audience of more than 14 million.

According to the RACGP report General Practice: Health of the Nation, September 2017, “Australians rely on general practice more than any other area of the health system, with over 85% of the population visiting their GP each year. GPs provide diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care for patients across an expansive range of health conditions….GPs also spend around 20% of their working week on management, administration and indirect patient care, tasks that significantly impact on time in clinical practice.” This new ability to deliver automated decision support via targeted patient and Doctor messaging, in a safe and secure communication platform will empower Doctors to better manage the health of their patients and save time.

About Pen CS

Established in 1993, Pen CS is Australia’s leading provider of health analytics software for national population health analysis and reporting in primary care.

The Pen CS platform extracts more than 17 million patient records per month, from over 7,900 doctors and 5,600 general practices and health services across Australia.

Our products are utilised in Population Health, Communication Services to Doctors and Patients, Clinical Trials, SMS Text and Voice Recall, General Practice and Doctor Decision Support, Primary Care Research and Digital Health Data solutions.

We work with the Primary Healthcare Networks (PHNs), Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), NACCHO and state peak indigenous health bodies, NSW Ministry of Health, Aboriginal Medical Services, research institutes and private, government and not-for-profit organisations.

About Tonic Health Media

Tonic Health Media is Australia’s largest health and wellbeing media network, created by Health Professionals in collaboration with Out of Home (OOH) Media Specialists.

Our place-based media is positioned in trusted, contextually relevant environments where health and lifestyle decisions are made.

Our compelling content engages a captive audience and provides advertisers and sponsors with an opportunity to promote products, services and targeted information to a demographic that is fragmented and difficult to reach.

We connect to more people in the health & wellbeing market than any other media.