Pen CS is delighted to announce the Award winners for the inaugural 2021 Pen CS Awards. The Pen CS Awards recognise data-driven quality improvement in General Practices and Aboriginal Medical Services and were celebrated in a virtual Award Ceremony with Award Presenters including Jacinta Price, Australian Activist and former Deputy Mayor of Alice Springs Town Council; Dr Tom Wenkart, CEO, Macquarie Health Corporation; Dr Ross Walker, Cardiologist, Sydney Heart Health Clinic; and Gillian Mason, Board Member, Australasian Institute of Digital Health.

“We were touched to hear the stories from General Practices and Aboriginal Medical Services and to learn about the challenges they face and how they are using health informatics to support patient outcomes. At Pen CS, we build technology solutions; but they are doing the hard work, listening to patients every day and especially now, rolling out the vaccine. We congratulate all the Finalists and Winners who may all be admired for their efforts,” said Edweana Wenkart, Pen CS CEO.

The winners to each award category and their statements are below:

Closing the Gap Award Winner
Aboriginal Medical Service Co-operative (AMS Redfern)

“We’ve been thinking of ways, we can keep people safe and that’s very much been revolving around vaccination lately … and it’s been a great help to be using things like the CAT4 tool.  Particularly when we’re looking [at] future estimates of vaccination rates, that’s helped us pivot to keep our clear vision to safely vaccinate as many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients as possible.”

CAT Plus Super User Award Winner
Forbes Medicine and Mind

“I’m very happy and excited to accept this award on behalf of the amazing team at Forbes Medicine and Mind. We’re a small practice in New South Wales but we’re doing big things! Pen CAT has provided us with the data insights to connect with our patients. It enables us to deliver high quality, individualised care and has resulted in amazing improvements in health outcomes; and thank you so much for acknowledging our hard work, and dedication and congratulations to all the other winners. So, thank you very much.”

Data Quality Award Winner
Lejeune Family Medical Practice

“I would like to acknowledge … one of our team members who has become known as our data champion and is a regularly user of the CAT tool. We’re going to have some work to do when we come out of this lockdown to bring our clinical data back up to speed.”

Data-driven Clinical Excellence Award Winner
MQ Health General Practice

“We’ve made some steady improvements in how we deliver care for our patients and especially those with chronic and complex health issues. We’ve managed to do this through identifying cohorts of patients, tracking their measures using our data from Pen CAT, and then some novel approaches with team-based care as well. Our recent efforts as I’m sure it has been the case for many of the clinics represented here today, has been on mass vaccination and it’s been really energising to work with our amazing dedicated team across our two sites. We look forward to continuing our efforts, with our data-driven quality improvement and innovation within the practice.”

Digital Innovation Award Winner
Terrey Hills Medical Centre

Quote from Pen CS CEO, Edweana Wenkart: “[Terrey Hills Medical Centre] have been really looking at new models of clinical care and this stood out for us as a reason for being the winner of the Digital Innovation Award and we look forward to presenting [them] this award very soon.”

Patient-centred Care Award Winner
Chatswood Medical & Dental Centre

“With Pen CS’s help … we have provided the medical care for our patients in the community … I’m very proud that … in the face of so many challenges we have managed to do so well and improve the quality of patient care; and this award is not only an honour for us, but also encouragement to our Chatswood Medical team in the future. I will make persistence effort to lead my team, providing better medical care to patients and improve the health of the whole community.”

Quality Improvement Initiative of the Year Award Winner
Mandurah and Lakelands Doctors

“We have a real passion, finding new and innovative ways to improve our patient care and our patient’s health outcomes. So quality improvement is really important to us because it helps us identify areas of improvement and it prevents us from becoming complacent … The Pen CAT software has really helped us be proactive with our health care delivery by regularly reviewing our clinical data and identifying gaps in care. From there we can take action to find new ways to improve our delivery of care for the benefit of our patients and the community.”

Research in General Practice Award Winner
Faulconbridge Health Centre

“It was an interesting and challenging project and kept me on my toes. Encouraging the doctors to keep to the target set. The use of [the] Pen CS tool makes retrieving data so much easier. This tool is used constantly in our practice; we always have a list of some sort to work from to keep our data clean and up to date. I believe it is a large part of what we do as primary health care workers, keeping our patients safe and out of hospital which is even more important in this current time.”

Multidisciplinary Care Award Winner
Hunters Hill Medical Practice

“The multidisciplinary award fits very well with our practice ethos, which is about bringing general practice, multiple allied health services and specialists all in the one place to improve access and to improve outcomes for patients. As we all know, accessing clinical data from the clinical software can sometimes be very difficult and the Pen CS software makes this very much easier. It allows us to connect with those target populations and I’d love to specifically thank Pen CS and the Sydney North Health Network for making this available.”

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