The Pen CS office enthusiastically raised over $6,000 to build a school in Sri Lanka, in support of one of our team member’s charity project.  We are excited to announce the school opened on 6th February, 2019.

Shani, a valued member of our Pen CS support team, set out to make a difference in the lives of year 5 school children in rural areas of Sri Lanka by opening a school, Kalpe New School. Her goal was to raise funds to build a school that accommodates up to 60 children, allowing year 5 children to continue their education.

Kalpe, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka is a rural area with no infrastructure. The closest schools for children in this area are a 10 to 15km walk away, with no public transportation. Because of this, children often drop out after completing year 4. By building a school for year 5 students, children 10yrs+ are able to continue their education.

Pen CS are proud to have created an environment that supports our employees’ projects. All departments enthusiastically got involved in Shani’s charity project. Managers and employees provided donations to help kick start her goals. The Pen CS team hosted a barbeque, which raised over $700, with staff members donating items and organising the barbeque.

Shani is continuing to help the community after her success with this project. She aims to build a playground for the children and wants to provide bicycles to assist the children with their long walks.

Pen CS are very proud of what Shani has achieved and are proud to have created an environment where we can all support our employees’ projects.

If it wasn’t for faithful supporters like you (Pen CS team), those children’s school education would have been discontinued. So thank you everyone for supplying the funds and also encouraging me… we all together made a huge difference in those school kids’ lives.” Shani Perera, Support, Pen CS.

If you want to follow the progress of Shani’s Charity Project, please click here.