Quick Start Guide

This page provides links to relevant videos and other resources to get you started. Pen CS provides free webinars and training videos. Our help site has a selection of step-by-step guides on specific topics.


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We host our videos on Vimeo but here are some particularly relevant videos for new users:

The videos above are comprehensive and show general and specific functionality of CAT4 and Topbar.

If you are interested in a particular functionality and have a basic understanding of the tools, please view these videos:

A full list of all topics can be found here

Very short ‘tip of the month’ videos with an average duration of around two minutes: Tip of Month Videos

Recipes (Step-by-Step Guides)

To get hands on experience the recipes are a great starting point. The full list of recipes is accessible here: CAT Recipes

Here are some selected topics that will help you to get started:

User Guides

The CAT4 – New Users Guide provides an overview of and examples of quality improvement activities with CAT4.

Topbar has a brief user guide for each app – Topbar Apps in Detail

To understand how practices are set up and how other configuration is handled, have a look at Getting Started and the pages listed there.