Join us for the Pen CS PIP QI User Group Meeting, for an update on PIP QI and our PIP QI Products, as well as Pen CS updates. 

Date: Wednesday 29th August

Time: 12pm

Location: Online, please contact your Account Manager for Registration details


PIP QI Update (15 minutes)

  • General Feedback 
  • 10 Improvement Measures & Definitions
  • Definition of a “visit” 

Pen CS Product Updates

CAT4 (10 minutes)

  • 15 Month Filter
  • QI Reports 
  • Working with clinical Vendors/Cloud

Topbar (10 minutes)

  • Patient Connector
  • QI Measures App

PAT CAT (10 minutes)

  • 15 Month Filter 
  • Compliance Email
  • Full Extracts vs. Quarantined Data

MyPen Portal (10 minutes)

  • PIP QI Practice Code
  • Consent Management

PHN Practice Support Resources (5 minutes)

  • Poster
  • Training Manual 
  • Data Governance 

Pen CS Support Update (5 minutes)

  • Bookings to Date
  • Anticipated Demand
  • Domain Controller Installations
  • Additional Hours
  • PHN Feedback

Conference Update (5 minutes)

Q&A, PHN/ACCHO Feedback