PAT2CAT Custom Filters for Quality Improvement (QI)

Custom Filters is a new filter tab you will see in CAT4 if you are working with your PHN on quality improvement and your PHN is using this feature. The PAT2CAT filters are filters that can be created by your PHN in PAT CAT and sent to your CAT4. This functionality is designed to support continuous quality improvement by providing ready-made filters to target patients of interest that meet your requirements/interests. Full details are available at PAT2CAT FILTERS

Other updates:

  • The extract panel has an option to hide de-identified extracts to make it easier for practices to work with their monthly extracts
  • Hep B screening and management reports now include assigned provider and the ALT cut-off has been updated to 45 in line with guidelines
  • Medication mappings have been updated for new drug releases in categories Anticoagulant, Hypoglycaemics-insulin, Statins and Antidiabetics
  • MBS graphs label for Health Assessment has updated to HA (previously was HC for Health Check)
  • MD3: an additional optional preference has been added for sites experiencing issues extracting visits data
  • Medtech: an update to resolve issues with invalid date data extracted

Technical Specifications for CAT4 Release Update

  • This update is for the stand alone installer CAT4 – version 4.12.1
  • If you are using the CAT off-line version, we strongly recommend to update as soon as possible, as we are adding new reports and functionality in addition to new mapping of clinical information in response to changes in your clinical systems. The CAT off-line version does not update automatically and needs to be downloaded and installed from this link.
  • If you continue using the out of date versions you might not get the full functionality of our software and your reports might not be accurate for some indicators.
  • Please first uninstall the previous CAT version before installing this update!
  • Download and install CAT4 Update
  • CAT4 Update Release Notes