PAT is an intuitive health informatics tool that combines data from multiple patient management systems in General Practices and Aboriginal Medical Services to produce insightful, cohesive, and sharable information.

PAT delivers consented, de-identified, aggregated data from your General Practices and Aboriginal Medical Services. You may choose to receive data from one or many practices.

PAT standardises data from over 12 patient management systems, including Best Practice, Medical Director, Zedmed, Communicare, EMR, Genie, Medinet, MedTech, Profile, Specialist Complete, Stathealth, and The Practice.

PAT is compliant with industry standards for security, privacy, and data governance. See Pen CS Data Governance Framework for more information.

PAT Benefits:

  • Facilitates better population health management
  • Allows dynamic monitoring of healthcare trends
  • Maintains transparency and trust
  • Turns healthcare data into insights
  • Supports patient-centered care
  • Measures value-based healthcare