Topbar is Pen CS’ fastest growing technology and is playing a significant role in improving general practice Data Quality, Chronic Disease Management and eHealth. It completes Pen CS’ commitment to providing a technology at three decisive layers of the primary healthcare sector; the Patient, the Practice (CAT4) and the Catchment (PAT).

The technology promotes efficiency and operates like a smart phone, where the end user can choose which apps are the most appropriate to complement their workflow. The user interface is slick and operates at the top of the clinical system, offering more information at the click of a button. Topbar never prompts, it notifies an end-user of patient specific needs only once the end-user clicks on the app. The technology promotes a mixture of opportunistic and planned care, as the delivery of care to a patient can often differ greatly.

Pen CS are advocates of all general practice staff playing a role in improving their health organisations efficiencies as it leads to better patient health outcomes. As a result, Topbar users acknowledge the point of care solution as an enabler to a whole general practice to improving health outcomes as well.

Together with our clients, we look forward to providing Australia’s primary healthcare workforce with a wide-range of innovative and Australian leading applications. These applications are made available through Topbar’s App store, which is purpose built for health professionals to choose the apps that best compliment their needs.

The MBS app shows recommended actions and claim status relating to the Medicare Benefits Schedule. This enables the clinician to quickly establish if the currently open patient is eligible for certain MBS items and what actions need to be taken to meet MBS guidelines for claims.

The PHS will display information extracted from the GP application, in chronological order.

The Waiting Room app provides receptionists, practice managers, and Clinicians with quick view of patients who are currently in the waiting room and any of their missing demographic or clinical items. For all non-clinicians (e.g. Receptionists) only demographic information is available. For clinicians, both demographic and clinical information will be displayed.

The Cleansing app provides the clinician with a quick view of the patients’ record for demographic, clinical and indicated chronic problems. From the app screen one click will open the relevant screen in the GP application and thus allows speedy cleansing of patient records.

The Feedback app provides all Topbar users and Pen CS the ability to post questions, comments, suggestions and issues to the Topbar Community. After a post has been submitted to the Topbar Community, all other users can vote if they agree or disagree with the comment, question, suggestion or issue. Pen CS encourages all Topbar users to use and post comments as this will prove to be valuable feedback that will shape the future of Topbar and its current and/or future apps. The Feedback app provides a quick way to communicate with the support team at Pen CS and other Topbar users – questions can be asked and users can vote for popular questions to increase visibility.


We have just installed the Top Bar in our Practice – very easy process. Showed staff and doctors at meeting last night and they are all very excited to start using it. User friendly, and a great way to keep our patient data up to date. Love the way it takes you straight where you need to update information!

Debbie AschmoneitPractice Manager – Woodcroft Medical Centre

On a whole we feel it is a great program in that it prompts the staff to address the issue of incomplete demographic data and clinical checks. As you can appreciate in a very busy rural practice staff cannot be expected to remember every detail of every patient that is seen. Topbar is a gentle prompt to remind staff in real time when the patient is physically in the clinic to complete such data or checks without having to scroll through the medical record to find what data is missing. Topbar is a truly beneficial tool to practice staff in ensuring our demographic data is as up to date as possible and for our medical staff that clinical checks are achieved in a consistent and timely manner. Well done.

Christine O’BrienPractice Manager –