Engage Doctors and their Patients

Notifications are designed to assist medical practitioners at the point of care, i.e. when they’re seeing a patient. Using both their own knowledge and TOPBAR, physicians can make better decisions based on data.

Contextual Communication

Topbar notifications put your message in front of medical practitioners, matched to the presenting patient, when they need it most.

Notifications provide automated clinical decision support with no extra time or work for the Doctor.

Better patient outcomes and satisfied healthcare providers


Create, Curate, Connect

Match notifications to eligible patients by selecting your patient criteria. Customise your message to ensure relevant information reaches the Doctor for the right patient. Distribute your message at the right time i.e. when the Doctor is in consultation with eligible patients.


Improve Patient Outcomes

Clinical decision support serves Doctors the right information when and where they need it most. Serve accreditation advice, best practice guidelines, clinical trial notifications or doctor and patient education.