Topbar Sponsored Apps do the heavy lifting for you.

Topbar sponsored apps are an excellent way to gain brand exposure and engage with medical practitioners and their patients. Sponsored apps are positioned discretely but consistently in front of the medical practitioner throughout their working day.

Link to a website of your choice or a landing page with your customised message. In these scenarios, no development work is required.

Topbar sponsored apps also create high visibility, for existing App partners, matched to presenting patients.

Topbar is a clinical decision support system (CDSS). It’s designed to assist medical practitioners at the point of care, i.e. when they’re seeing a patient. Using both their own knowledge and Topbar, physicians can make better decisions based on data.

Premium real estate on the Doctors desktop

  • Up to 8 hours on the Doctors desktop every day
  • Australia-wide
  • National to local targeting
  • 12,000 Doctors unique Topbar users
  • 45,000 unique users on Pen CS platform

How it works

The Topbar sponsored app appears as an icon, with hyperlink. When the medical practitioner clicks the app icon, the landing page of your choice appears, as a full screen, under the black banner.

There are two settings for Topbar sponsored apps:

  • Matched to Patient Criteria
  • Not Matched

Matched to Patient Criteria

This means that your app will be presented to medical practitioners with information that is intelligently filtered or presented at appropriate times. Together we’ll help you select your patient criteria, so that your app only appears for relevant patients.

Not Matched Apps

Apps without pre-agreed patient criteria, are permanently displayed in Topbar sponsored apps and are more commonly used for Doctor and Patient Information and Education, Accreditation, Guidelines or Members Offers.