Build innovative applications for different healthcare scenarios.

TOPBAR is a clinical decision support system (CDSS). It’s designed to assist medical practitioners at the point of care, i.e. when they’re seeing a patient. Using both their own knowledge and TOPBAR, physicians can make better decisions based on data.

Topbar APIs enable the best applications to be developed for every healthcare scenario.

APIs streamline care coordination to allow providers, patients and their care teams to work together to achieve the best health outcomes.

  • Build new applications on top of the Pen CS platform
  • Securely access rich consented patient records
  • Manage, build and test with the Developer Portal and Sandbox
  • Build on industry standards

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  • Allergies
  • Consultation Notes
  • Conditions
  • Demographics
  • Immunisations
  • Measurements
  • Medical Problems
  • Medications
  • Family & Social History
  • Lifestyle
  • MBS