Join Pen CS’ Quality Assurance and Training Manager, Matthias Merzenich, for an informative Masterclass on how to use Topbar automated decision support platform to drive Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) for Diabetes.

In this workshop Pen CS will demonstrate how to use CAT4 and Topbar to assist you with current and future Quality Improvement activities demonstrating the Diabetes and Obesity CQI program designed by the North Queensland PHN.

The tools will help you in identifying the extent of the problem, create reminders for clinicians and SMS or voice message recalls for patients if required and will show the change over time.

CQI goals

  1. Ensure all diabetic patients are coded with the correct diagnosis in the clinical software.
  • Identifying patients indicated for diabetes but not coded with a diagnosis
  1. Increase HbA1c recording for diabetic patients to 95% or higher.
  • Use CAT4 to find patients without HbA1C recorded in the last 12 months, create recall and/or prompts in Topbar
  1. Increase waist measurement recorded in clinical software to 75% or higher.
  • Use Topbar to opportunistically record waist measurements for patients who have not had a waist measurement recorded in the previous 12 months.
  1. Increase smoking, alcohol, and physical activity status recorded in clinical software to 75%.
  • Use CAT4 to find patients missing risk factors and use Topbar to opportunistically record risk factors

In addition to addressing the CQI goals directly, we will demonstrate the following functions of CAT Plus:

  • Identify patients with diabetes with high HbA1C due for a medication review
  • Identify patients at high risk for diabetes and other chronic conditions eligible for My Health for Life enrolment
  • Diabetes SIP item and Cycle of Care in CAT4 and Topbar
  • Creating cross tabulated reports for patients with diabetes showing relevant pathology

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