PenCS supports the The Rona Tranby Trust (RTT) and the First Nations Light Horse Brigade Pty Ltd. who are looking for descendants of Indigenous soldiers who were part of the Australian Light Horse Brigade. The RTT is raising funds so that descendants can attend the centenary commemoration of the Light Horse Charge in Beersheba on October 31st, 2017, in Israel. If you are a descendant of an Indigenous Light Horse Trooper who served during WW1, they’d like to hear from you. In particular, those who know their ancestors’ stories and will be prepared to have them orally recorded. If you have any information or questions, please contact
RTT on 02 9231 4293 or or
Pastor Ray Minniecon on 0417 929 701.

For more details see the full document (pdf – 1MB) below:

Rona Tranby Trust First Nations Light Horse Brigade.pdf