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CAT Plus installation

CAT Plus is a combination of technologies that directly targets three primary care layers to improve patient health outcomes; the Patient (Topbar), the Practice (CAT4) and the Population (PAT).
CAT Plus provides decision support to health providers at the point of engagement, extracts general practice data for practice analysis and aggregates general practice data for service planning, reporting and population health.

How long will it take and what is getting installed?

We are providing a number of different booking forms on the right – please choose the right product for your clinic based on information from your ACCHO/PHN. The time required to install CAT Plus depends on the product chosen and your practice’s server configuration. We provide an estimate for each installation which is generously timed and the installation might be quicker than estimated.

For more information on each of the products and the technical requirements please refer to our help site.

Topbar Server installation

CAT4 Installation

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CAT Plus Booking Forms

Please complete the relevant booking form below to confirm a time with our Support team to install CAT Plus or any component of CAT Plus. Installations are completed by remote access and require access to your server.