COVID-19 has rapidly changed how primary care is delivered, with telehealth being now being more important than ever.

Dr Kean-Seng Lim, AMA (NSW) President & GP at Mt Druitt Medical Centre, shares his top 5 tips with us to help practices best connect with their patients using CareMonitor Telehealth.

1. Telehealth is an Extension of Usual Care

Tasks can be divided into the What, the Who and the How.  Firstly “What” needs to be done, then “Who” needs to do it, then “How” it is best done.  Telehealth is part of the “How”, and is an extension of usual care.

2. Pick the Right Tool for the Job

For some tasks, the phone may be appropriate. For others, video gives a much richer experience, with access to non verbal cues as well as the capacity to do limited examinations. For example, a patient will be able to do most of a cranial nerve examination on their own with assistance. Pick the right tool and find the right software fit for your practice.

3. Technical Security, Ease of Use and Workflow Fit

When picking the platform for video consultations, firstly make sure the solution is compliant with Australian laws. Not all software does. Ideally, something which is encrypted point to point and does not send data outside of Australian jurisdiction.  Then, make sure the software fits with the practice workflow. With video software, does the patient have to download an app or create an account? Does the video run across different devices and platforms? How easy is it for a patient to enter a video consultation?

4. Training

Make sure the reception knows how to schedule telehealth consults into the usual appointments diary.  If there is a hyperlink or app to be downloaded by the patient, make sure the patient has an easy way to do this or is given consistent easy to understand messaging.  You can put instructions up on your website or send it by SMS.

5. Telehealth is more than a video or phone

Telehealth refers to the delivery of healthcare at a distance. This includes secure messaging, patient monitoring and remote technologies. Right now, most telehealth is being done by phone but video and other technologies are emerging.

Dr Kean-Seng Lim also shared some resources with us to assist you with Telehealth.



CareMonitor Telehealth is available on Topbar. For more information about Topbar, please contact Pen CS Support.

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